Camera-ready Submission

Camera Ready Paper Submission Guideline

Dear Authors of CMT 2019 Accepted papers,
Attention: Sept 15, 2019 Sept 22, 2019 is a firm deadline for all camera-ready copies! All submissions of camera-ready copies must be done through EasyChair.
Please follow the guidelines below in order to have your accepted paper published by the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Step 1: Final Paper Preparation :
1) You are requested to revise your manuscript carefully according to the comments of the reviewers and do thorough proofreading of the manuscript to confirm that it will require no revision.
2) Papers have a maximum page limit of 6 pages including references and graphs.
CMT will offer the option to buy limited number of extra pages for submission (there will be a charge of xxx euros per extra page).
3) Be sure that you are using the proper IEEE template :
Proper MS Word and Latex templates for IEEE Xplore Digital Library are available. Please use those templates or ensure that proper layout, fonts, margins, paper size and stiles were used at your paper.
The templates can also be found at
Note: Do not add any page numbering, header or footer.

Step 2: Add the proper copyright notice :
As instructed by IEEE one of the following copyright notices needs to be included in the camera-ready version of the papers in the footnote of first page:
1. For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is: Le travail du gouvernement des États - Unis n'est pas protégé par le droit d'auteur des États-Unis.
2. For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is: 978-1-7281-4420-7 / 19 / 31,00 $ © 2019 Crown
3. For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is: 978-1-7281-4420-7 / 19 / 31,00 $ © 2019 Union Européenne
4. For all other papers the copyright notice is978-1-7281-4420-7 / 19 / 31,00 $ © 2019 IEEE

Step 3: Generation of the PDF file and validation of the manuscript by IEEE PDF eXpress :
Prior to submission, the final manuscript PDF file must be validated by IEEE PDF eXpress to ensure that it is IEEE Xplore-compliant.
1. Go to IEEE PDF eXpress Website at
2. If you are a new user, select ‘New Users – Click here’ and enter the Conference ID (see below), your email address and choose a password. If you have used previously PDF eXpress you should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences.
3.The conference ID is the following: 47158X.

Once inside PDF eXpress you have two options:
- Option 1 (Recommended) You can generate the PDF file from your source files (e.g. MS Word) and the generated PDF file will be IEEE Xplore-compliant. For executing this option, you have to select “Create New Title”, introduce the title of the paper, and then upload the source files. Once the file is converted, download it. 

Option 2 You can validate a PDF file generated previously with any other tool. If you choose this option, please make sure that all the fonts are embedded, there are no bookmarks and no links (URLs). For executing this option, you have to select “Create New Title”, introduce the title of the paper, and then upload your PDF file. Once the status of the file indicates “PDF Passed PDF check; PDF is IEEE Xplore compatible”, download it from PDF eXpress. 

Step 4: Upload your camera-ready paper  :
Upload your camera ready-paper to EasyChair conference papers submission system.

After collecting camera-ready papers, one of the corresponding authors of each paper, will receive a mail from IEEE with a link and the proper credentials to submit the copyright form for the paper.

Attention :
- At least one author of the accepted paper must register for the conference and attend the conference to present their paper. Authors who do not attend the conference to present their papers, or arrange for a co-author or knowledgeable colleague to present their paper in the absence of the primary author, will not have their paper published in the IEEE Xplore, as per IEEE policy.

- IEEE reserves the right to exclude an accepted paper from distribution after the conference, including exclusion from IEEE Xplore, if the submission does not meet IEEE standards for scope and/or quality. Articles excluded from further distribution shall be archived by IEEE but shall not be indexed or appear on IEEE Xplore.

- It is IEEE policy to exclude papers from IEEE Xplore having Similarity score of 30% or more. It is the responsibility of author to revise the manuscript to limit the similarity score below 30% for the paper to be included in IEEE Xplore.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information